Recent changes to this wiki:

wishlist update
add plans for wifi-box.pdf
wishlist update
wishlist: fix strange chars
wishlist: two of Doug Stowe's Boxes books
css: keep <pre> at the default level
blag: opmizing PDFs: add `-compress jpeg` note from Marcus
re-add stub flattr plugin to prevent compile warning
wishlist update
contact: no twitter
update contact
update PGP key
wishlist update
wishlist update
wishlist update
wishlist update
wishlist update
wishlist update
wishlist update
less flattr buttons - it is very dead and I don't use it anymore
wishlist update
update contact page
wishlist cleanup
wishlist: update
new pgp pubkey
remove flattr buttons after flattr ToS change
(WIP) projects: Das Huhn
wishlist update
wishlist update
update gpg key, move away from only giving 4 bytes of the ID
wishlist update
wishlist update
index: hgweb is dead
wishlist update
wishlist update
add talk Multi-Contact Encounters
fixed contact page
update PGP key
wishlist update
implement xkcd #1553
wishlist update
overhaul index, remove dead projects etc, add github contact
wishlist update
Optimizing XSane's scanned PDFs: fix link
wishlist update
wishlist update
more wishlist update
wishlist update
wishlist: add Michael Seemann: Das neue Spiel: Strategien für die Welt nach dem digitalen Kontrollverlust
wishlist update. how could I forget the discworld novels?!
wishlist update
wishlist update
projects/infopoint-html: more fixes
projects/infopoint-html: markup fixes
new blag post: Mirroring MediaWiki with Git-Mediawiki and gitolite
new blag post: XMPP and the Internet of Things (Seminar wrap-up)
amend blag post about optimizing PDFs (added convert -page A4)
wilhelm-gym-repo: key rotation
blag: fix link in Optimizing scanned PDFs
use https version of flattr badge
what's going on with capitalization here o_O
blag: rename /blag/posts/ -> /blag/post/, so links in blagpost page headers work
blag: fix index of posts
projects: pdf highlighter
wishlist sync
local.css: use solarized-dark theme for source highlighting
amend blag post "Optimizing PDFs": typos etc.
new blag post: Optimizing XSane's scanned PDFs (also: PDF internals)
wishlist update
projects/infopoint-html: fix link. who does the proofreading here?!
projects/ somehow a false line from the draft slipped into the instructions...
adjust balloon popups
slightly adjust header sizes
amend post "Portal on Linux": add captions for images
blag: typos, indentation fixes (libmultimarkdown-perl is a bit more picky with code fragments)
infopoint-html: mention Raspberry Pi, change aptitude to omnipresent apt-get
add page about Debian repository
new blag post: A Lesser-Known Feature of kill(1)
wishlist sync
amend post "New Blog, yay!": correct likeliness of playing around with ikwiki.cgi
amend Portal post: copyright info for screenshots
stylesheet: fix calendar highlighting
blag: small typo
update blag post 'New Blag, yay!': also works with IPv6 now!
new blag post: Portal on Linux: fix black screen without textures
stylesheet: make footnote refs slightly smaller and superscript
new blag post: New Blag, yay!
stylesheet: make pre font size and h2 margin slightly smaller
new blag post: Splitting overly large hunks in patches
blag: don't put author name in front of title in RSS feeds
blag: oh right, my blag has a title!
blag: add Flattr thing for whole blag
blag: create initial calendar pages, use blaginline template in archives
blag: make tag cloud a real cloud
blag: fork inlinepage.tmpl for blag index page
blag: disable comments for now
blag: make calendar start on monday
stylesheet: don't let the sidebar reduce our text width, various minor changes
blag: do not mark current date on calendar (otherwise ikiwiki-calendar would need to run every day without generating much new content)
blag: convert (and slightly improve) blogposts from