Software Projects I currently work or have worked on

These are mostly software projects to scratch my own itch, and I consider most of them finished.

Ideas for new software projects

Here I collect sketches for software that I still need to write (or that I would like to be seen written by someone else...), and features that IMHO still need to be implemented in existing software.

This section can also serve as a source of inspiration for people that have too much time on their hands... ;-) Feel free to drop me a note if you should start realizing one of it, so I can update the information here.

JOSM: Nice-to-have

What I would like to see in JOSM, the Java OpenStreetMap Editor: * Raw diff view of the changed XML data. The current preview in the upload dialog is too simple. * A function to copy a bunch of tags from one object to another. Example: I have a node tagged with shop=florist, opening_hours=... and want to transfer these tags to the surrounding building to delete the node afterwards. implemented in utilsplugin2