Network structure

The network structure is decentralized; status updates, posts, etc. are transferred between endpoints. Users are identified by addresses that follow RFC 822. Protocol is unclear:

  • XMPP: wide-spread and allows easy implementation of a chat, has integrated authentication, however not very light-weight to implement
  • OStatus: used by Diaspora, StatusNet,
  • Salmon?
  • RSS/RSS Cloud?
  • PubSubHubbub: pull-based, apparently not used frequently


All users have a private key and a keyring of public keys. "Friend" requests are directed, the inquired person has to approve friendship. Positive acknowledgement of this request leads to addition of the inquirer's key to the user's keyring. All status updates, pictures, ... the user posts are encrypted with the keys in his kearing, so only the followers can actually encrypt and see it. NO PLAIN-TEXT COPYING OF CONTENT!


  • encryption prevents accidental data leakage
  • the user has full control about who can see the data


  • encryption makes the process slow, needs additional cpu cycles
  • advertising encryption could lead to false security, as the content can still be distributed through explicit downloads by trusted users
  • encryption for every single person in keyring leads to much traffic


  • "Reposts"? If so, content can't be encrypted => checkbox: repost yes/no?
  • Groups? Generate public/private key for each group?
  • How is the data stored on disk?
  • Private keys must be very well protected on the endpoint