My personal Debian repository currently contains the following software:


On any recent Debian system, open a terminal and do the following:

  • Be root (or use sudo in front of the following commands).
  • Add the repository to your sources.list by installing the package

    # echo "deb testing main" > \
    # apt-get update
    [apt-get warns about missing public keys, that’s okay]
    # apt-get install -y --allow-unauthenticated
    # apt-get update
  • Double-check the key fingerprint. apt-key fingerprint should contain the following key and fingerprint, but nothing else under that section:

    pub   2560R/86748A36 2013-11-07 [expires: 2017-11-06]
        Key fingerprint = 4D51 6412 405B E4A1 328F  FCC1 F6D2 9C49 8674 8A36
    uid         Package Signing Key <>
    sub   2560R/E0CD07C7 2013-11-07 [expires: 2017-11-06]

    (If you want to know more about secure APT repositories, read the manpage for apt-secure.)